Collection of data related to the RoboSherlock project.

IAI Objects of Daily Use

For an up to date version of the data refer to the github page: Alternatively you can also download an archived version here.

Description of data comming soon

Object name Image CAD TT
AlbiHimbeerJuice AlbiHimbeerJuice yes yes
BlackCeramicBowl BlackCeramicBowl no yes
BlueCampingCup BlueCampingCup no yes
BlueCeramicIkeaMug BlueCeramicIkeaMug yes yes
BlueMetalPlateWhiteSpeckles BlueMetalPlateWhiteSpeckles yes yes
BluePlasticBowl BluePlasticBowl yes yes
BluePlasticFork BluePlasticFork yes yes
BluePlasticKnife BluePlasticKnife yes yes
BluePlasticSpoon BluePlasticSpoon yes yes
ComdoCappuccinoClassico ComdoCappuccinoClassico yes yes
CupEcoOrange CupEcoOrange yes yes
EdekaRedBowl EdekaRedBowl yes yes
ElBrygCoffee ElBrygCoffee yes yes
FryingPan FryingPan yes yes
FryingSpatula FryingSpatula no yes
HelaCurryKetchup HelaCurryKetchup yes yes
JaMilch JaMilch yes yes
JodSalz JodSalz yes yes
KelloggsCornFlakes KelloggsCornFlakes yes yes
KelloggsToppasMini KelloggsToppasMini yes yes
KnusperSchokoKeks KnusperSchokoKeks yes yes
KoellnMuesliKnusperHonigNuss KoellnMuesliKnusperHonigNuss yes yes
LargeGreySpoon LargeGreySpoon yes yes
LinuxCup LinuxCup yes yes
LionCerealBox LionCerealBox yes yes
MarkenSalz MarkenSalz yes yes
MeerSalz MeerSalz yes yes
MondaminPancakeMix MondaminPancakeMix yes yes
NesquikCereal NesquikCereal yes yes
PfannerGruneIcetea PfannerGruneIcetea yes yes
PfannerPfirsichIcetea PfannerPfirsichIcetea yes yes
PopcornPot PopcornPot yes yes
PringlesPaprika PringlesPaprika yes yes
PringlesSalt PringlesSalt yes yes
PringlesVinegar PringlesVinegar yes yes
RedMetalBowlWhiteSpeckles RedMetalBowlWhiteSpeckles yes yes
RedMetalCupWhiteSpeckles RedMetalCupWhiteSpeckles yes yes
RedMetalPlateWhiteSpeckles RedMetalPlateWhiteSpeckles yes yes
RedPlasticFork RedPlasticFork yes yes
RedPlasticKnife RedPlasticKnife yes yes
RedPlasticSpoon RedPlasticSpoon yes yes
ReineButterMilch ReineButterMilch yes yes
SeverinPancakeMaker SeverinPancakeMaker yes yes
SiggBottle SiggBottle yes yes
SlottedSpatula SlottedSpatula no yes
SojaMilch SojaMilch yes yes
SpitzenReis SpitzenReis yes yes
Toaster Toaster no yes
TomatoAlGustoBasilikum TomatoAlGustoBasilikum yes yes
TomatoSauceOroDiParma TomatoSauceOroDiParma yes yes
VollMilch VollMilch yes yes
WeideMilchSmall WeideMilchSmall yes yes
WhiteBottle WhiteBottle yes yes
WhiteCeramicIkeaBowl WhiteCeramicIkeaBowl yes yes
WhitePitcher WhitePitcher no yes
YcbFork YcbFork no yes
YcbKnife YcbKnife no yes
YellowCeramicPlate YellowCeramicPlate yes yes
YellowPitcher YellowPitcher no yes