RoboSherlock is developed at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, University of Bremen under the supervision of Prof. Michael Beetz.

Core Developers:
  • Vanessa Hassouna (hassouna[AT]cs.uni-bremen.de)

  • Franklin Kenghagho Kenfack (fkenghag[AT]uni-bremen.de)

  • Patrick Mania (pmania[AT]cs.uni-bremen.de)

  • Dr. Ferenc Balint-Benczedi (balintbe[AT]cs.uni-bremen.de)

  • Jan-Hendrik Worch (jworch[AT]cs.uni-bremen.de)

  • Thiemo Wiedemeyer (wiedemeyer[AT]cs.uni-bremen.de)

  • Nico Blodow

  • Zoltan-Csaba Marton

  • Christian Kerl

  • Florian Seidl


Before asking questions please have a look at the tutorials. For bug reports and feature requests, please open an issue on github.